Saturday, 5 August 2017

Activities for winter sustainability!

Week 5 and life is easy when you're not contemplating getting to the shops to buy that new dryer or much needed cat toy. I'm getting better at making my waste paper bin liners (it's very therapeutic) and enjoying wearing my 'new' clothes from the swap party last week.

The highlight of the week was my green daughter Eliza returning from her seven month trip to Iceland. She is, as always, my inspiration to continue my journey in to a sustainable lifestyle. We had fun catching up and a relaxing afternoon with me teaching her how to make paper bags!

Eliza's first class at uni this week was in Environmental Quality and Assessment. He lecturer reinforced to the class that in Australia the No. 1 pollutant issue is plastic. Not arsenic or lead or persistent organic pollutants but PLASTIC. Scary when you think about it.

My lovely work colleague Monica, who generously listens to all my ranting on sustainability tagged me in a great idea this week. Making your own wax paper looks like fun! I've got a couple of sheets I've been using for a few years and love this idea. Making my own looks like a bit of a challenge to find the ingredients without buying anything new but I will see how I go.

I also started on my latest knitting project. I'm using wool from a vest I knitted last year but never used. This is something my mother would do when I was a kid. She would unpick jumpers we no longer wore or fitted in to and would knit up something new and fabulous. Thinking about my mum and knitting squares for a blanket is a wonderful way to while away the cold evenings.

I wonder what Week 6 will bring? Nothing new of course!

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