Saturday, 29 July 2017

Party time

Week 4 has not been difficult. There was a party (more about that below)
and thankfully, no dilemmas in sight! I made the decision not to order the name badge for work because why would I miss something I never had? Thank you to the readers who gave such sound advice.

I visited my two favourite haunts this week to purchase food staples and groceries. The Source, Rhodes store is always fun with its wide aisles and great products. Thanks to the lovely young lady who happily weighed my containers, searched for black tea and recommended which protein balls were the best! She also handled with aplomb the customer who wanted a plastic bag for his one purchase (already in a paper bag). Some people don't quite get the idea behind the store...
Here are some of the goodies I purchased on this visit:

I am enjoying my black tea leaves from the store. An avid tea drinker, I vacillate between loose leaf and teabags, but after seeing / reading about the plastic used in making teabags I have relinquished by tea bags for good!

Orange Grove Organic markets are held every Saturday morning with wonderful produce to be found. The wonderful thing about the markets is that if you go prepared with your bags and containers you don't need to buy anything with plastic. I was tempted by the fresh cut flowers because they smelt so beautiful but I didn't need them and they didn't fit into my ethos of only buying food or medical/health products.

So with all my beautiful produce I ready for my first ever 'clothes swap' party!

The lovely ladies from work (Giti, Giselle, Romayne and Sonya) all arrived with bags of fantastic clothes to swap. We had fun trying on clothes, drinking champagne and having a laugh. So keen to do it all again soon and to show off our 'new' looks at work! This is a great way to gain yourself a new outfit without spending any money and contributing to the consumerist fast fashion environment we live in.

Try it - I guarantee you'll have a great time and add at least one new fashion item to your wardrobe!

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